Swarovski Crystal Chain Maille Bracelet

This bracelet combines 2 of my greatest handmade jewellery components - Swarvoski crystals and chain maille. In this particular bracelet, I used a variety of colours of Swarvoski crystals, from various shades of pinks, greens and greys to match a dress I own.

Mix and match your colours, or just use a single colour - the Swarovski crystals will shine through its "silver cage" draped on your wrist. Best of all, have it made to fit your wrist perfectly. The bracelet comes together with a magnetic clasp, making it easier for you to put it on yourself without the need to fiddle around with tricky catches. The bracelet is approximately 8-9mm in width.

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Saved by Grace said...

Hi Grace, this bracelet is beautiful! I love love it :D Jen x