Simple drop earrings


Just some simple stuff, for times when we don't want our accessories to dominate too much!

Crystal Ball Stud earrings & Hook earrings


These simple Swarovski crystal balls became popular with some of my friends at one point. I have made this design in a few different colours. For the blue earrings on the right, I mixed together three different shades of blue Swarovski Crystals.

Multi-strand pearl bracelet

A friend who liked this design so much, that I made it in 4 different colours for her :)

Swarovski Crystal Cuff Bracelet

I saw something similar worn by a celebrity female singer on some random TV show or concert (ok, so I watch very little TV, and thus pay even less attention to whatever it was when I did happen to see it). The bling bling attracted me, and I thought I could probably make something like that! So I did, using HEAPS of Swarovski crystals and Maria George delica beads. I've made a few versions of this in various colour schemes, of varying thickness. Will post pics of my other versions at some point, but here's one I made for a friend.

Versatile Black and White Necklace

Created to fulfil a jewellery order, the directions given to me were simple: a long looped chain that could be worn doubled over or as a single long loop, with a "dangley bit to shape it into a Y-drop". It was also to be composed of silver wire with a black and white theme. So here's what I came up with :)

Silver Stardust Bracelet

Made this stunning bracelet from 5mm and 3mm round white pearls interspersed with lots of sparkly sterling silver stardust beads - gorgeous! Glad my fave customer loved it too :)

Silver Stardust Earrings

Sterling silver stardust earrings to match a few other pieces in this "sterling silver stardust" series. Made by linking 5mm and 3mm white pearls insterspersed with sterling silver stardust beads - pretty!

Sterling silver stardust and crystal necklace

I was working on a sterling silver stardust series when I decided to make a slightly modified version, incorporating clear AB swarovski crystals. This became a gift for my sister, which she loved, as did her daughters (who wanted to wear it too!)

Goldstone and swarovski pearl bracelet

This bracelet was made to match the "surprise me" earrings my friend so loved. The little gold flecks on the goldstone beads are a perfect match for the mustard swarovski pearls.

12-point Swarovski Crystal Earrings

I wanted to make a pair of gorgeous earrings to wear to a friend's wedding. These are larger than what I normally wear, but I was inspired by a pair of earrings I saw of another friend wear for a photo shoot (they were oval shaped instead of being round). The other aspect of the earrings are is that they have a lighter colour scheme if worn in reverse (will need to take a photo of this at some stage!) The larger of the 2 circles are the same as my 12-point pendant, the smaller circles are a 9-point "star".